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The Execution of the Earl of Derby

One of the first books to be published in Bolton was ‘A Description of Sieges and Battles of the Civil War’.  Printed J Drake in 1785 it includes a picture of the execution of the earl of Derby in Churchgate, … Continue reading

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A Curious Headstone

I’ve long had a fascination with gravestones.  It’s the stories of those who lie there which fascinate me.  I always wondered who they were, what were their lives like, what happened to them.  It is no wonder then that I … Continue reading

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Photos of People from Bolton

Over the last few years, I’ve bought old photos of people from Bolton.  I know very little about them so I’ll post them here and if you recognise anyone, let me know!  These two groups are unrelated and were bought … Continue reading

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7th Leicesters at Dinner April 1915

I love days like today.  You look out of the one window and there is a beautiful blue sky and sunshine; you look out of another window and see a dark and stormy sky heading straight for you.  When it … Continue reading

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James Dodds

A while ago I came across this photograph on Ebay.  A fine, handsome chap named James Dodds, with his birthdate conveniently written.  It’s not often you come across photos with names and dates and I felt sorry for him thinking … Continue reading

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Working Class Movement Library

One of my favourite archives is the Working Class Movement Library which holds a unique collection of material related to the lives of working class people and the labour movement. The library has a rich and varied collection of material … Continue reading

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Richard III

Richard was in Nottingham when he heard Henry Tudor was on his way through Wales.  Richard set out to meet him and arrived in Leicester where he stayed at a local inn due to Leicester Castle being in a state … Continue reading

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‘No means to bury’

It is inevitable that at some point in our family history research we will come across something we wish we hadn’t.  Whether it is a criminal, something else unsavoury or something tragic which fills our hearts with sadness. Although we … Continue reading

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The October Fair

Market Harborough used to hold an annual fair in October.  The Fair would begin on 18th October, the eve of St Dionysius, and last for nine days.  It was something which was looked forward to for months.  The town would … Continue reading

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William Bryan

One of the interesting headstones which survive in St Mary in Arden’s graveyards is this one: Sacred To the Memory of William Bryan Late of Spode in the Parish Of Clun County of Salop Who died Suddenly In Harborough The … Continue reading

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