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The Execution of the Earl of Derby

One of the first books to be published in Bolton was ‘A Description of Sieges and Battles of the Civil War’.  Printed J Drake in 1785 it includes a picture of the execution of the earl of Derby in Churchgate, … Continue reading

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Ghostly Encounters on Blackburn Road and Churchgate, Bolton

As Halloween draws near and the veil between the worlds thins here are some spooky but true stories of ghostly encounters in Bolton.  There is an old house on Blackburn Road in Bolton which is a typical large Edwardian house … Continue reading

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A Curious Headstone

I’ve long had a fascination with gravestones.  It’s the stories of those who lie there which fascinate me.  I always wondered who they were, what were their lives like, what happened to them.  It is no wonder then that I … Continue reading

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A Curious Indenture of Apprenticeship

From Historical Gleanings of Bolton and District: A second batch of odd papers (written and printed) in one form or other identified with the township of Breightmet, which have been loaned to (the) present correspondent by an old Breightmetite, contains … Continue reading

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Robert Rothwell the Schoolmaster

Its been quite a while since I have looked at my Rothwell research so I thought it was time to tackle the problem of Robert Rothwell.  I have two major stumbling blocks in this part of my research and they … Continue reading

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Photos of People from Botlon

Most of our old family photos were lost.  My mum remembers a large leather bag with loads of photos in, especially the old Victorian card ones, as well as many of her and her sisters when they were young.  The … Continue reading

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Photos of People from Bolton

Over the last few years, I’ve bought old photos of people from Bolton.  I know very little about them so I’ll post them here and if you recognise anyone, let me know!  These two groups are unrelated and were bought … Continue reading

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Selim Rothwell, Artist

I have a print of a painting of Churchgate in Bolton circa 1840.  I love looking at this picture because it looks so different to the Churchgate of today.  It is full of people; some strolling along, others selling from … Continue reading

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The Cursed Shoes of Papillon Hall

Market Harborough, like many places, has its share of ghosts and haunted buildings.  However, this post concerns a haunted building just outside Market Harborough.  Papillon Hall used to stand on the way to Lubenham and was built around 1624 by … Continue reading

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Market Harborough

Market Harborough was a ‘new’ town created in the 12th century and lies about halfway between Leicester and Northampton.  According to Nicholls, Market Harborough was first mentioned in 1170; it was mentioned again in a Pipe Roll of 1199 relating to … Continue reading

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