Have you ever wondered who you are or where you came from?  Who were all of those people who are your ancestors?  What does that even mean? 

I have always wondered about those people and what their stories are.  I love wandering around graveyards and finding long forgotten people.  Or rooting around in Record Offices looking for wills and documents.  But it isn’t just about the people – I love, love, love history.  I’m the sort of person who walks down the high street looking up above the shop fronts to see how old the building is and wondering what it all looked like 500 years ago.  How did the place where you live come to be the place it is today?  What are the stories and the scandals?  Every place has stories waiting to be discovered.

I love the photo of the two girls at the top left of this page.  They are mill girls from Bolton; sadly, I don’t know who they are but would love any information about them.

I’m originally from Bolton and that’s where my main interest (and heart) lies.  My blog is mainly about Bolton, its history and its people.  My M.A. Dissertation was on Early Modern Bolton and that is where my interest lies – Bolton before it was industrialised.  Though I can’t resist anything weird or wonderful so anything I come across will also find it’s way on here.

One of my main interests is genetic inheritance. Studies have shown how trauma is inherited through our parents’ DNA. If trauma leaves an imprint in our DNA, what else does? Perhaps this can explain how someone in the family has the same smile or laugh as their great grandfather or the same mannerisms as a great aunt even though they never met. If we inherit such traits do we also inherit similar karma to our ancestral line? For example, a person never manages to escape the poverty trap and they constantly run into bad luck and the same or similar pattern can be found in their ancestral history. Just how much does our ancestral history and inheritance affect our lives today?