Photos of People from Botlon

Most of our old family photos were lost.  My mum remembers a large leather bag with loads of photos in, especially the old Victorian card ones, as well as many of her and her sisters when they were young.  The bag was lost when my grandfather’s possessions were put into storage as his council house was being renovated in the 1980s; it never came back.  This loss sparked a bit of an obsession in collecting photos of people and places connected to  Bolton.  Partly due to the thought that someone out there would one day want their family photos back and also, perhaps I might come across some of mine one day.  Now I have many photos that I don’t know what to do with.  So, the next few posts will be some of these photos. 

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1 Response to Photos of People from Botlon

  1. Gary Rothwell says:

    There are quite a few Rothwells in the Denton, Tameside area


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