Richard III

Richard was in Nottingham when he heard Henry Tudor was on his way through Wales.  Richard set out to meet him and arrived in Leicester where he stayed at a local inn due to Leicester Castle being in a state of decay.
The inn was originally called the White Boar but after Richard’s defeat the name was changed to the Blue Boar which was the badge of the Earl of Oxford, a BlueBoarsupporter of Henry Tudor.  Apparently Richard left his bed at the inn, no doubt thinking he would collect it when he returned, where it remained for many years being passed down to each successive landlord.  There is a story of how in 1613 Mistress Clarke, the landlord’s wife, found a hoard of gold coins hidden in the bedstead.  Stories of hidden wealth soon started and there was plot to rob the landlady.  At this time Mistress Clarke was a widow when she was choked to death by a housemaid who was eventually burnt at the stake for her crime.  There were also seven men who were hanged.  Richard left Leicester on 21 August 1485 and the forces met at the Battle of Bosworth.  After his defeat his body was brought back to Leicester where he was eventually interred in Greyfriars Friary.  The friary was broken up during the dissolution of the monasteries and it is thought some of the stones were used to repair St Martin’s Church which is now Leicester Cathedral.  Yesterday Richard’s remains were returned to just outside of Fenny Drayton to begin the procession to Leicester Cathedral.  He will lie in state for three days before being interred in the cathedral on Thursday.  You can find out more on the website.
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