Overseers Accounts

Overseers Accounts can be full of information.  I came across the example below while researching a member of the GIBBS family for someone.  Thomas wasn’t a member of their family but the account below gives a fascinating insight into his life.  It also gives us a lot of leads to follow up if we were researching his family.

St Margaret’s Overseers Accounts, Leicester 1834 – 1839

March 26th 1834: Thomas GIBBS labourer Age 65 born in All Saints parish Northampton, he believes his settlement to be at Milton in the County of Northampton his father removing there when he was about 12 and 13 years old & remained there till his death during which period he was buried by the parish about September last he being out of employ & very much reduced in his circumstances being then at Birmingham he went with his wife to Milton, the officers gave him maintenance for the day & paid their lodgings but refused to receive them without orders he has done no act to gain a settlement elsewhere is now living in this parish with his wife Ann to whom he was married in Pontefract in Yorkshire Aug 1822 & is chargeable there to.

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