I read and read and read.  I have always loved reading and I’m happiest when I have a pile of books waiting for me to read them.  I love the smell of books, the feel of books and the sound of a book when you open it or turn the page.  I collect books and have a house full of books; mainly history books. Give me a wet, cold, dark winter’s day, a good book, a cup of tea and I’m in Heaven.  Just don’t interrupt me!

Have you ever wondered who you are or where you came from?  Who were all of those people who are your ancestors?  What does that even mean?  I have always wondered about those people and what their stories are.  I love wandering around graveyards and finding long forgotten people.  Or rooting around in record offices looking for wills and documents.  But it isn’t just about the people – I love, love, love history.  I’m the sort of person who walks down the high street looking up above the shop fronts to see how old the building is and wondering what it all looked like 500 years ago.  How did the place where you live come to be the place it is today?  What are the stories and the scandals?  Every place has them, waiting to be discovered.

Being a Bolton Lass who now lives in Market Harborough, means I have a special interest in both these places so this blog will be a mixture of the history of these places and the people associated with them.  I know I won’t be able to resist it if I come across anything weird or wonderful so I’m sure there will be the odd digression away from Lancashire and Leicestershire.  Horizons should always be expanded afterall!

I was a professional genealogist for many years but I’ve decided to put this on hold as I’m studying for an MA and working as a journal editor for the Katherine Swynford Society.  If you are a past client and have any questions about previous research I have done for you, please get in touch.

The two girls in the photo at the top left are mill girls from Bolton; sadly, I don’t know who they are but would appreciate any information on them.